Essential Tips to Follow for Social Media Optimization

Today with increasing number of social media users, it has become more important to merge these platforms into your business marketing strategy. Social media optimization is the social form of SEO and is all about optimizing your social presence or visibility on web.Though we all are using social media websites like Twitter and Facebook these days, but only few of us know how to use these websites effectively and correctly. As millions of folks are connected with social media, it is necessary to use social media tools correctly. Check out some of the most powerful social media optimization tips to follow:• Networking or SocializeThis may seems clear but it’s essential to be stated here at the top. Networking is essential for every business and to create your social media profile first spend some time to checking out other’s profile on social web. Follow your friends, people with the same business as yours, and let them to follow you. You simply need to build a solid social presence on the web.• Use Consistent & Reliable ContentYou have to be reliable with your site content. You must post exceptional and brilliant content on your site and social media profiles so that your audience can get fresh updates with respect to your products and services. As an entrepreneur, you got to schedule all the posts deliberately with the goal that you can produce some extraordinary profits over the long run.• Use Share Me Social IconsIncluding share me social icons with some extraordinary back links can likewise help you in an enormous manner. You must offer them with each blog entry so you can achieve more audience.• Use MultimediaYou should make utilization of some great pictures and videos on your site and profiles. Social media websites make the methodology of uploading media files easier. Consequently, you can make a fascinating and appealing profile that can help you in making your brand.• Complete the profile and improve keywordsCompleting your profile is the most critical thing for you to do. You have to enhance the keywords and guarantee that the profile is finished on time. You can take assistance from a few platforms in this respect.• Watch Visitor BehaviorYou can make utilization of a few analytical tools on the online networking sites with a specific end goal to watch what sort of engagement you are accepting from the guests. Having Google Analytics set up is a standout amongst the most noteworthy things to do. You have to impart and post content on the site with the goal that you can gage the guest conduct. You can consider posting quotes and inquiries that can keep the clients captivated.• Consider the right timingConsider the right timing for posting content on your site. You have to guarantee that you post novel content at the ideal time.In this way, these are the absolute most fascinating things that you must recollect with respect to social media optimization. You have to take after some fundamental tips that can help you in securing a better than average position in the online business.

Why Social Media is So Valuable to Your Website

For the last two centuries media publishing houses have controlled the flow of information to and from people. Media giants such as News Corporation and Liberty Media control large media distribution networks across the globe which distributed news and informational content. While the effectiveness of these media giants will only grow if they effectively use the internet, social media has opened up the door for anyone to distribute their content, ideas and information on a global scale.This is one of the reasons social media and social media marketing are such a big deal for many people and businesses. The social web is also great for people and their freedom of speech and information. Social media sites like Digg, Twitter and Google+ give you the ability to quickly share or syndicate content from your blog or website and broadcast it the rest of the world. Unlike traditional media the users of the social web choose which articles are the most interesting by submitting their feedback and effectively voting for the content. The more users vote for a piece, the more traffic that article will get under typical circumstances.What is great about this system is that the best content typically goes to the top of the pile. The web is so large that it is very hard for social media marketers to manipulate the amount of votes they need to get their sites to the top of social media syndication before they are caught and banned. Of course as you would expect when the stakes are high many people try to game the system on sites like Digg. It’s fair game too with a first page listing on Digg bringing anywhere up to 200,000 unique visitors a day. Sites such as Slashdot have had a similar effect leading to the spotlight overnight for some websites and e-businesses.Even though very few good products have been created for social media marketing to help companies wanting to promote their websites and content there have been some good free tools like Social Bookmarker and AddUrl. Most webmasters and internet marketers have had to use spammy software or consume time submitting their content to all the relevant sites. In 2008 a product called Traffic Android was released that automates the time consuming sign up and submission process to social websites. Is was meant to be the first of many such helpful tools that entered the market however, other such tools have been few and far between and the good ones incredibly expensive.The ability for webmasters to rapidly distribute their content and information is an extremely powerful benefit of web 2.0 and the integration of social media with social networking is another step to marking powerful web content syndication a reality. There are tools than integrate Twitter feeds with Facebook news feeds which is extremely powerful and perhaps the most intelligent tool ever invented. This means not only can you almost instantly distribute your content through social website networks, you can also post a link and short snippet about your content on Twitter and have it syndicate through your friend network on Facebook or vice versa.While social media marketing is still a very new phenomenon, I hope this illustrates the impact it can have on your website. As the medium evolves and better search and syndication technologies and rich media grow it’s power can only increase. My tip is it’s better to get involved sooner rather than later to go through the social media marketing learning curve before hundreds of thousands of other webmasters get involved and big media companies come in and start trying to buy up all the major social websites.

The Anatomy of Social Media

Propelled by one billion peer users, social media has become the fastest growing marketing medium in the U.S. – nonetheless, the much-anticipated monetization of social media remains an unrealized quest for the Holy Grail. Legions of traditional marketers have predictably descended upon Facebook, Twitter, and countless blogs with transparent greed, but have largely failed to monetize social media, due to clumsy efforts that violate peer-to-peer trust etiquette. This can be directly attributed to the low levels of understanding as to how social media really works, within a business.There are so many “things” involved in social media that it becomes almost impossible to figure out what is truly going on. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Bookmarks, keywords, searches, email, and many more options make it almost impossible for the layman to grasp what to do. In this article, we hope to clear that up by explaining social media as a living thing, a functioning body of communication similar to the human body.The basics of the body are simple, without food we die in a matter of days, without water that time is cut in half and without air we will die in a couple of minutes. So, the primary needs of the body are air, water and food in that order. In order to do this let’s take a look at the human body first. Within the structure of the body there are certain “musts”, and that’s all we will cover for now. The brain, the heart, the lungs, the vein system, blood, and bones provide us with a great background for explanation of the connection to social media.The bones provide protection and structure; some would even say they provide protection through structure for the organs in the body. This is easily associated with the basics of an internet presence. Your bones in a social media presence are your website and all its functionality. It is the modern day equivalent to the business card and without it you are spinning your wheels. As the old saying goes, it is the “bare bones”.Next is your vein system. This caries blood around the body and provides for nourishment and replenishment of the vital organs. They are the highways within anatomy that are in control of blood flow and must be used correctly. If one is sending blood north and it is supposed to sending it south, we have big trouble. So, the association here is that your vein system is directly equal to the sites on the web that one would use to send or spread a message. YouTube, Vimeo, Podcast sites, iTunes, Ezine and many more are the veins, or highways, that help distribute your content and message. Use them wisely and the flow will be steady.Now that we know these sites work like veins within our social media system, what is the blood? Blood, on its own is the most vital portion of the body. It is the carrier of oxygen, nutrients, and DNA. This is exactly like the content you put out to the world. It is your DNA. This is the information sharing boom and you either are putting it out there or someone else is, period. It is the essence of your brand and the fingerprint of your business. It is the first and perhaps even the last thing a potential new customer will ever see about you and your brand. Your blood, or content, should remain pure and treated as the one thing that you cannot live without. Tell stories; tell them as though your stories become your DNA. Every time someone looks at what you wrote and they will all be seeking hyper-self-gratification for information.The heart plays a major role in this functioning of your body, as well as your media. The heart itself is nothing more than a muscle; it is driven by electricity that stems from your brain, or neural center. The act of pumping or flexing is the important thing to think of in this process. This is closely associated with the habits and routine of your media actions and behaviors. Good rhythm in your media expression to your audience makes sure that your content is “pumping” through your distribution channels consistently.Your brain is the command center of the body and your brand’s message. This command center is the place that tells you what to think, do, feel and transmit. The brain takes in information from other organs and makes decisions based on the feeling. For this to be closely associated with a portion of the social media mix for brands, we would have to suggest that it is, in part, run by a non-bias third party, so it can always be ‘just the facts”. The brain is made of many different parts and it always tells the truth, because it is relaying data from one part of the brain to another and providing guidance based on fact, not opinion.This brings to mind the lungs, the most underrated organ in the human body and the most misused/misunderstood part of the social media mix. The fact is that the most essential thing living things need is air; it is the stimulator for the entire body. Air should be thought of as data. The more you TAKE IN the more success you will have in contemporary marketing. The lungs take in air and send it to the blood and brain at the same time. In other words, data from your audience should feed your content and choices as a modern brand. Social networks are the E-version of the lung. They are ready available organs that draw in all kinds of information then sort the useful from the not useful and pass it on to the brain and blood. Social networks should be used as tools to draw in info, much like lungs to air.So let’s look at the simplicity of this analogy. The process should go like this when it comes to your media division. You must:Create a foundation (website, etc….)
Determine which ways to use your distribution avenues (veins)
Be present in the social networks to constantly give you data (Lungs and Air)
Feed your neural center to ensure that you have the right information (Brain)
Use this data to create proper content to send through the distribution centers with a purpose of driving people back to your website or sales centerCreate a daily plan of tactics and behaviors (heartbeat) to create a consistent circulation of your messageIn conclusion, every business should think of media (ways you connect with the public) as a child or having a new baby. If you are not prepared to create a good body, don’t take it on. It is better to NOT be present in the space if you have nothing to say or a fuzzy message about who you are and what you do. It is tough to abort mistakes on the internet, so take parenting classes, and build a parenting plan for this new organism of engagement and information marketing. Effective exercising of this plan will result in productive and accurate customer information, which in turn will produce healthy lines of revenue.By Eric Rice
CEO of Lone Wolf Inc, LWI