Home Business Tips – 3 Tips to Keep Going

One of the great lessons I have learned while building my home based business is the ability to research. It is amazing the resources that are out there today, all you have to do is to look for them.I remember about a year and a half ago being so frustrated with a computer program that I could not get to do what I wanted. I was new to the program and had next to no resources to assist me. I learned from my computer tech that the best thing to do would be to “Google” my question. It took a while for that to sink in, actually quite a while before I started using it on a consistent basis. Since then I have discovered 3 tips that assist me in continuing to grow my home based business even when I want to quit…Create processes to follow. For me this one has been critical. As I overcome more and more challenges I realize that what I learned earlier is assisting me each and every time. However the best and easiest times are when I have created some type of process to follow. It started with the simple step of remembering to “Google” something first. In the throws of frustration of learning something new that was not always my first reaction. Then I learned to write “it” down and placed it near my computer so that I saw it on a regular basis. Now each new activity or project is written down and actually taped to the lamp near my computer. You may have a better place for your “note to self” but for me the lamp works great, for now. That is just one of the many processes I have developed that keeps me going in my home based business.
Share information in a collaborative environment. You know that old saying it is better to give than to receive, here it is most important. When you freely give it comes back to you 10 fold, especially for women, collaboration is much better than competition.
Join a mastermind team to share and discuss ideas. It has been proven over and over again that two minds are better than one. The mastermind principle builds on this and assists you in developing your ideas. Just recently in one of my mastermind teams I floated an idea and with input and discussion the idea developed into a great project that had never even crossed my mind.There are tons of other tips out there just waiting for you to “Google”.